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Why is a building inspection so critical

How to avoid the building crisis in Sydney. Protect your family and your financial investment.

Building Inspection Sydney uses a technology-first approach to uncover hidden and hard-to-find defects that no other instruments can detect. Then our building inspectors explain the technical details to you in plain English. All within 24 hours.

The growing number of building defects emerging in Sydney is terrifying! Every day our Building Inspectors discover more and more major building defects. This is mainly due to a self-regulated Construction Industry. The former New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejikan says the system of regulation in the building system is not working. Ms Berejikan actioned an immediate repose by appointing a Building Commissioner with the goal of restoring the transparency, accountability, and quality of work that the community expects from the Building & Construction Industry.


That's why it's now more than ever that Buyers should obtain a professional building inspection report. The small amount you pay for a pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney could easily save you thousands – possibly tens of thousands of dollars – in the long run, but you should know: every Building Inspector in Sydney is NOT the same. Some are in fact qualified and licenced, like us, but you won’t find another that uses the same technology and rigorous building inspection techniques to find everything lurking under the surface.

That’s a problem because the majority of defects are hidden from plain sight and you can’t simply “eyeball” a building inspection like so many Building Inspectors in Sydney try to do!

If you don’t get the right type of building inspection, major defects could appear later – which can lead to severe financial loss, injury and in some cases, even death. That’s why a pre-purchase building inspection is considered to be a minimum level of due diligence when buying or selling a property. Whether its an apartment inspection or a house inspection, it's essential that you protect your family and financial investment!

Building CRISIS in Sydney - NSW Building Commissioner

easy to read Reports 

We provide comprehensive reports that are easy to read and understand.

Reports within 


We are committed to providing our clients with a professional, reliable & prompt building inspection service. Reports are delivered within 24 hours. 



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& insured

All our Building Inspectors carry a NSW Builders Licence and are Accredited. For your protection, we are covered by professional indemnity & public liability insurance.

You’ve Found The Right Building Inspector…

We provide the most comprehensive building inspection reports in Sydney, translated into plain English. Our Building Inspectors will ensure you are completely informed about the property condition – from foundation to roof, and everything in between.

Every BIS building inspector is an accredited building consultant and experienced licensed builders. We have over 15 years of experience completing pre-purchase building inspections in Sydney, Australia.

Our building inspectors have undergone specialised training to work with our cutting-edge technology systems, PLUS accreditation through a rigorous qualification process. Our Company and Inspectors are fully covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

So relax! When you work with Building Inspection Sydney, you can be 100% sure the report you receive will be in line with the Australia Standards – giving you enough complex technical data to ensure all elements are covered, in an easy to read format you won’t have any problems understanding (or explaining to clients if you are a realtor).

Our building inspection experts also spend additional time with you to explain the report once submitted.

Why we are trusted by thousands of Australians...

Not all building inspection companies are comparable.


- Endorsed NSW Builders Licence (Supervision Level)

- Diploma Qualification in Building & Construction 

- Cert 4 Qualification in Building & Construction 

- Cert 3 Construction Carpentry 

- Cert 3 Construction Waterproofing 

- Cert 2 Public Safety 

- Professional accreditation with Master Builders Association

- Professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover

Our Experience

- Experience in Residential Building Construction

- Experience in Highrise and Lowrise Apartment Building Construction

Experience in Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

- Experience Working within Top-Tier Construction Companies

- Qualified and Experienced to Provide Expert Evidence in NSW Courts

- Possessing a Minimum of 18 Years in the Construction Industry

- Trained in the Latest Advanced Building Inspection Technology

Our key

- We conduct building inspections with meticulous attention, treating each property as if it were our own.

- Our commitment extends to dedicating the necessary time to ensure a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

- We allocate ample time for in-depth discussions with our customers to explain our reports thoroughly.

- Our goal is to deliver a seamless and uncomplicated service experience throughout the entire process.

North Sydney Brand New Apartment Building THREAT of COLLAPSE

Solving your building problems...

We offer a wide range of building inspection services. We are often called to properties to diagnose building issues - for example, water ingress into internal areas. One of our highly experienced Building Inspectors will perform an investigation to diagnose the root cause and provide a repair recommendation, which is all delivered on a comprehensive building inspection report. 

If you have a building dispute that is impending and has not been resolved between you and your Builder or Contractor, or you need an Independent Expert Witness to assist with mediation or to be present in an NCAT hearing. All Our Expert Witness Reports comply with the Court and Tribunal Code of Conduct. 


Building Inspection Sydney has the experience and knowledge to get you through the process. 

Apartment Building CRISIS Sydney Wide

The NSW Government response to the building crisis.

What are some of the common building defects

Window leaks

Other common elements that are prone to water ingress include;- doors, roof & balconies.  



Building movement could be caused by natural settlement, substandard workmanship, poor design and material issues.



Other common elements that is prone to water ingress include;- doors, roof & balconies.  

Our building inspection services

Ensure you are completely informed about the property condition. Our Building Inspectors will identify all faults, which including major & minor defects. Our reports are comprehensive but easy to read. 

pre-purchase building inspection

Ensure you are completely informed about the property condition. Our apartment Inspectors will identify all faults, which including major & minor defects. Our reports are comprehensive but easy to read. 

apartment inspection

Upon practical completion, our Building Inspectors will inspect the entire property for major and minor defects and non-compliance and safety hazards. You invested a lot of money in a new home, so you should receive the home in perfect condition and defect-free. 

hand over inspecton

Our Building Inspectors thoroughly check all components of the building to ensure you get the best result. We check that the workmanship is compliant and meets the requirements of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.

building stage inspection

Ensure you are completely informed about the property condition. Our Building Inspectors will identify all faults, which including major & minor defects. Our reports are comprehensive but easy to read. 

building and pest inspctions

Our dilapidation reports provide a comprehensive photographic and descriptive report on the current condition of the property. Generally a Council requirement prior to commencing construction works. 

dilapidation report inspection

Diagnostic building inspections 

Problem property inspections

Building disputes 

Strata building inspections

Water ingress investigation 

building inspectors

If you have a building dispute that is impending and has not been resolved between you and your Builder or Contractor, we have the experience & knowledge to get you through the process. Our expert witness reports comply with the court and tribunal code of conduct. 

Expert witness report

Sydney Region Building Inspections

Locations we service include the Sydney metro and all surrounding suburbs of Greater Sydney (60km radius of Sydney). 

Sydney Metro 

Sydney's Inner West

Sydney's Eastern Suburbs 

South Sydney 

Sutherland Shire

Lower North Shore

North Sydney

Upper North Shore 


St George 

North West Sydney

South West Sydney

Outer West

Canterbury - Bankstown

Sydney CBD

building inspection reports

Easy to read reports

We provide comprehensive reports that are easy to read and understand.

For further clarification or questions, our clients are welcome to discuss the report with our inspectors. 

professional building inspectors

Report consultation

Our Building Inspectors can provide a phone consultation to discuss the report and answer any questions upon report submission. If you a present on the inspection day, we'll provide you with a brief verbal report on the day.

Post report face to face consultations are available with the inspector, consultation fee applies. 

Inspection of buildings

AS 4349.1 - 2007

building inspction report compliance

Report Compliance

Our all our inspections, reporting structure and process is strictly in accordance with Australian Standards AS 4349.1 - 2007 and the Building Code of Australia.

We ensure a high level of inspection standards and legal compliance. 

Purpose of a Building Inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or another interested party regarding the condition of the property at the time of inspection.

The inspection shall comprise a visual assessment of the property to identify major defects and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of inspection. An estimate of the cost of rectification of defects is not required in an inspection report in accordance with this Standard; however, at the request of our clients, we can provide this service at an additional cost. 

termite inspection