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Building Inspection Cost

Why we are trusted by thousands of Australians...

Not all building inspection companies are comparable.


- Endorsed NSW Builders Licence (Supervision Level)

- Diploma Qualification in Building & Construction 

- Cert 4 Qualification in Building & Construction 

- Cert 3 Construction Carpentry 

- Cert 3 Construction Waterproofing 

- Cert 2 Public Safety 

- Professional accreditation with Master Builders Association

- Professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover

Our Experience

- Experience in Residential Building Construction

- Experience in Highrise and Lowrise Apartment Building Construction

Experience in Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

- Experience Working within Top-Tier Construction Companies

- Qualified and Experienced to Provide Expert Evidence in NSW Courts

- Possessing a Minimum of 18 Years in the Construction Industry

- Trained in the Latest Advanced Building Inspection Technology

Our key

- We conduct building inspections with meticulous attention, treating each property as if it were our own.

- Our commitment extends to dedicating the necessary time to ensure a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

- We allocate ample time for in-depth discussions with our customers to explain our reports thoroughly.

- Our goal is to deliver a seamless and uncomplicated service experience throughout the entire process.

Building Inspections Sydney's pricing table 

The pricing table below is a guide only. Please contact us, and we will ask you for a few property details so we can provide you with an accurate quotation. 

Building Inspections

New Construction Staged Inspections (New Construction Defect Report)

Expert Witness Report for Litigation Use (NCAT, Local/Supreme/District/Land Family Court)

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