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Apartment Inspection

Why is an apartment inspection so critical in Sydney

Avoid the apartment building crisis & severe financial loss.

It is now more than ever that you need to conduct a professional apartment inspection. Sydney is experiencing a wave of dodgy apartment buildings constructed through an unregulated industry.


The Government is currently scrambling to take control of the crisis and has recently appointed a Building Minister, completely dedicated to cleaning up the current mess.


The government strongly encourages people to engage a professional building inspector to conduct an apartment inspection, as well as a strata report check. The small amount of money you pay for the building inspection could save you tens of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned cash. ​​​

Apartment Building Crisis Sydney Wide

What are some of the common building defects

Window leaks

Other common elements that is prone to water ingress include;- doors, roof & balconies.  



Building movement could be caused from natural settlement, substandard workmanship, poor design and material issues.



Other common elements that is prone to water ingress include;- doors, roof & balconies.  

Catastrophic Apartment Collapse - Building Riddled with Defects

Apartment Inspectors that go above and beyond, to ensure you don't loose money.

Our Apartment Inspectors are qualified and have extensive experience in apartment construction, specialising in restoration and remediation. Basically like a building doctor, that can diagnose complex issues which are usually unseen to the untrained eye. We check elements that common building inspectors won't. 

For example, we may report on:

  • Underground basement for cracking to transfer beams, columns, concrete slabs, etc. 

  • Water egress and ingress to the basement levels.

  • Evidence of water staining to the lower concrete slab, usually caused by a rise in the water table or drainage issues. 

  • Recent and suspicious building repairs - potentially to hide a major defect 

  • Evidence of geotechnical investigation works, such as boreholes, survey markers, crack gauges, building movement monitors, etc. 

  • Drip trays installed to hide and capture leaks from the underside of a concrete slab and many more. 


Major apartment defects found by our building inspectors

apartment defect inspection

Covering up defects

Unfortunately, very common.

Drip trays installed to capture water and hide the major concrete cracking. This type of coverup tends to lead to major issues over time. 

apartment defect inspection sydney

Large cracks were identified to the suspended concrete slab. 

apartment defect inspector

Shear cracking identified to main concrete transfer beams. The transfer beams are bearing the weight of the high-rise building above.

Don’t be fooled! Other building inspecting companies are usually only experienced in residential dwelling construction.

Most of our competitors are usually experienced in residential dwelling (house) construction, not multi-story apartment construction. They are two very different fields, and a builder/inspector generally specialises in one. Building Inspections Sydney employ a small handpicked team of apartment building specialist and single dwelling specialists, to ensure we thoroughly and accurately provide the best advice and solutions. Our Apartment inspectors have a minimum of 10 years experience in apartment construction and apartment remediation, to ensure we consistently provide our customers with high standard advice. ​​​

Potential Catastrophic Collapse if Left Untreated - Chinese Developer in Sydney

North Sydney Brand New Apartment Building THREAT of COLLAPSE

Potential Catastrophic Collapse if Left Untreated - South West Sydney

53% of Apartment Buildings in Sydney Have at Least one significant defect

Brand New Apartment Building In Parramatta - Residents are Unable to Move in Due to Significant Structural Defects

Two-Year-Old Castle Hill Apartment - Significant Structural Defects - Everyone Must Leave

Mascot Towers Homeowners Loose Millions Due to the Building being classified as Condemned - Life Savings Lost.

Homeowner Looses Everything Due to Dodgy Builder.

NSW Building Commissioners Declares Worst Apartment Building in Sydney, Located in Auburn. 

Australia’s home building industry crisis.

Apartment Owners in Zetland were Evacuated from the Apartment Building Due to Major Defects.

Apartment in Castle Hill With Reported Major Defects. 

Major Defects Reported in a New Canterbury Apartment Building

Apartment Owners Forced Out Due to Toxic Newly Constructed Building in Erskinville.

Homeowners Left with a 4 Million Dollar Recitifcatin Bill Due to Defective Apartment Complex. 

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