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Pre-purchase Building Inspection

It's essential you conduct pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney, as it will assist with identify building problems & hidden defects. 

So, you’re looking to purchase a new house in Sydney and are a bit overwhelmed about whether to go for building inspection or not. Well, inspecting a new house seems more of a tedious and unnecessary aspect.     


With such views, a lot of homeowners think of home inspection as a waste of their limited time and money. It is without a doubt that working out your home or business budget is the hard part and at this stage, you want to be sure that the property you’re buying is worth the money.

But without an inspection, you are not informed on the building condition. A pre-purchase building inspection not only protects your hard-earned saving but also allows you to make a well-informed decision and potentially increase your negotiating power. 


When someone puts a house or other building on the market, it will typically have been made to look its best. You can expect it to be very clean, and for minor damage like nail holes in the walls to have been fixed. However, this can very well be as far as the repairs have gone. Newly-purchased buildings often contain bad surprises, and they may be quite expensive. If you're not prepared for this, you can find yourself in a financial jam. You may have to come up with thousands of dollars for a new roof or to fix water damage inside of a wall. How can you prevent these problems? Easy. Hire a building inspector before the purchase settlement date. 

7 reasons why you need a Pre-purchase Building Inspection in Sydney


Ascertain the property condition & true value

Armed with this knowledge after reading your report, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed with the purchase. 


Protect your family from injury or illness 

Identify major defective items that could lead to injury or illness. 


Protect your investment from severe financial loss

Receive an overview of major defects or non-compliant construction could cost you tens of thousands of dollars


Increase your negotiating power 

One of the advantages of a building inspection report is that it could potentially increase your negotiating power. 


Plan for future costs 

The report can highlight significant repairs or costs that may be required in the future


Identify ilegal alterations 

Any illegal alterations may become your responsibility once you sign the contract of sale.


Uncover hidden defects

Desperate sellers could intentionally cover up defects. We use our experience to identify potential over-ups (band-aid repairs). 

What are some of the common building defects

Water Susceptibility

Another major and common issue with a property is water damage. The house must be sufficiently weatherproofed against humidity and another water ingress. The home inspectors will look out for the drains, gutters, and most importantly, the air-conditioning and ventilation units. Any part of the home that may have been infected by water damage will be highlighted for fix and repair.  


Structural Defects

Excessive building movement from settlement or poor workmanship is quite common. Our Building Inspectors often find that these type of defects are covered up with temporary repairs. 


Non-compliant Construction

All homes in Sydney have to comply with the Australian Building Standards and codes. Our Inspectors look out for any any non-conforming building work. To ensure quality, serviceability and safety of the home. 


Another scary fact...  In Sydney, Building Inspectors are not required to be Licensed Builders. In fact, they don't require any qualification. 

I can't stress enough the importance of conducting a background check on the Building Inspector prior to engagement. Building Inspections Sydney only employ Licensed Builders that have a minimum of 15 years experience in construction and building inspection industry. 

Some of the checks that you should conduct prior to engaging a Pre-purchase Building Inspector:

1. The Building Inspector holds a current Builders License through NSW Fair Trading

2. The Building Inspector has certificate of currency for Public liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

3. The Building Inspector has experience in new construction in single residential buildings and apartment 


4. The Building Inspector has experience in diagnosing building defects and issues and is able to provide

    performance solutions. 

5. The building inspector takes the necessary time to ensure all minor and major defects are identified. Inspection duration could take from 30 minutes to several hours (depending on the quantity of defects). ​​​

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