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New Home Inspections

Why is a new home inspection in Sydney essential 

We identify problems during and after construction, so they don't cause major issues later. 

Building a new home is a complex process; Builders and Contractors don't always get it right. In fact, we haven't been to a job yet where we haven't found defects.

Now, more than ever, you need to conduct a professional new home building inspection. With the recent demand in new home building, Sydney is experiencing a wave of defective homes constructed through an unregulated industry.


Our Building Inspectors thoroughly check all components of the building to ensure you get the best result. We check that the workmanship is compliant and meets the requirements of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.


The issues that our Building Inspectors identify are categorised in the following order: safety hazards, major defects, non-compliant works and minor defects. The defects are then described with comprehensive technical information and layman terms so that the report is comprehensive and easy to understand. 

What are the stages of new home inspections

Pre-Concrete Slab Stage

The first inspection takes place prior to pouring the slab. Our Building Inspectors make sure that all the preparation works are in compliance with the Engineers specifications and the Australian Standards.

Items we check for include but are not limited to: reo cover, reo and mesh laps, bar chairs, step downs, placement of services and more.

concrete slab inspection


Frame Stage

The second inspection is conducted once the wall and roof frames are complete. Our Building Inspectors work through a comprehensive checklist. We check for compliance and workmanship defects. 

Items we check for include but are not limited to:  rooms sizes, window placement, wall framing plumb and square, correct fixings and spacings, and more. 

frame stage inspection


Lockup / Enclosed Stage

The third inspection is conducted when the property is at lock-up stage (before the plaster linings are installed). This is where we pick up a non-compliant modification of framing from trades who have rough-in services, such as plumbing and electrical. These modifications could severely impact the overall structural integrity of the framing. 

lock up stage inspection


Pre-Paint Stage

The fourth inspection is conducted upon completion of plaster linings and the completion of waterproofing membrane to all wet areas. Before the tiles are laid, our inspectors check to ensure the waterproofing is complaint. A common consequence for poorly installed waterproofing membranes is water ingress into other rooms of the house, causing major damage. Sometimes this is not evident until years later. 

pre paint  stage inspection


Final Handover Stage

The final inspection conducted is the handover inspection. This inspection usually takes the longest, as our building inspectors look over every component of the property and report on safety concerns, major defects, non-compliant workmanship and minor defects. You invested a lot of money in this property, so we ensure all defects are listed, so it can be rectified and handed over in perfect condition. 

final hand over stage inspection


What are the common new home problems & defects

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